Palolem Beach

Meditation & Healing in Palolem Goa/India

Planning for Palolem Beach (South-Goa) season 2017/2018

E x a c t   t i m i n g s   w i l l   f o l l o w

As usual I offer individual Coaching in a 1:1 Consulting for EUR 20,- per hour:

  • Find the Meditation that perfectly fits you
  • Healing-Sessions
  • Yoga-Lifestyle advice including health, food, bodycare and daily routine


What I teach people is like teaching someone how to cook, who has never been in the kitchen before. I will not teach that person how to make fancy Sushi. I will teach how to make simple, healthy food that will feed the person. If the person already knows how to cook well, I will teach him or her how to make sushi. Thats  my way of teaching people meditation. Start simple so they can buid up a routine. If you start with vipassana, they might find it to diffucult to keep up. ~ Manu Sarona

About me

I am a certifyed Meditation Teacher since 2004 and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (3HO/KRI) since 2006 and trained in many Healing Techniques from Reiki to Reconnective Healing.

My own Meditation Practice started in 1998. Since then Meditation turned my Life upside down and helped me in many Ways. I give my knowledge to help you with my experience on your own path.

My main Focus is on Meditation for our modern, mind-focused Times. Most of us don’t need to go to the forrest anymore to bring wood for the bonefire at nights. Nowadays we are not physically that hard working anymore but are thinking too much. So maybe the 2.500 years old techniques need some adjustments to help you to reach the state of meditation.

Most people have a concrete idea about meditation: sitting in a cross-leged position without moving and trying to think nothing. Yes,thats a good way of meditating, but not the only one (and a little hard for beginners)!

There are thousand of Meditations avaiable and you don’t always have to sit or be silent. I help you to find the Meditation that perfectly fits for you and you can do it with ease. If you have a specific topic like burn-out, stress, intuition, creativity, chakras, communiction, womens, self-love to just name a few, I will give you a specific meditation created for that topic.

Also I can teach you how to sit pain-free for a longer time in the cross-leged position/easy pose.

It`s usually a individual coaching available for 1:1 but also available for couples and bigger groups.


About Palolem

I first came to Palolem many years ago for just a few days. I used to be in north-goa as I love to dance but somehow it was my karma to fall in love with beautiful Palolem. As I’m not a good swimmer I love the protected laguna, which makes Palolem a quite safe place for children also. The beach is cleaned every day and framed by old coconut trees. The air and ocean feels clean and fesh and there is mostly a nice breeze keeping you fresh. But Palolem is also busy, the complete beach is packed with restaurant next to restaurant and more and more guesthouses and beach huts every season. That’s tourism! But I like a sunbed and I need an umbrella – so you will find that all over the beach.

At x-mas and new year eve it get’s totally crazy here – I usually escape from Palolem. At that time please be very careful and girls should not go alone anywhere.

The good thing is – there are Partys but they are „Headphone-Partys“. So you can always sleep at night. Something that i truely didn’t like in north-goa.


Palolem Beach Hut
All Beach Huts are temporary and need to be taken down by end of season and stored at monsoon

In the beginning I stayed in a hut for just INR 100 (as a long-stayer) with a shared bathroom and woodpowder trickling from the ceiling. That room had a bed with a foam-mattress, a fan, a mosquito-net, a small table and a plastic chair on the balcony. Nowadays you won’t find anything like that in Palolem anymore. Most of the rooms have attached bathrooms, some beach huts even with hot water and I know a place even having a bathtub! Aircondition and cable-TV is also available at several places.

Many places provide a medium-fast WiFi, restaurants as well as guesthouses and huts. But still there is a few powercuts but it’s getting less.

Food and Drinks

Rainbow Salad
I eat salad, but only at a few places where I know how they clean the vegetables

The food is wide ranged from Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian to Thai food. Due to the culture it’s very easy to get vegetarian food, and a few places offer vegan and gluten-free dishes.

A few restaurants are specialised for example in italian food (with an italian chef). In some places it’s more clean than other places, your belly will tell you.