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Meditation & QLB Breathwork in Palolem Goa/India

Until 11/2024 only 1:1 ONLINE COACHINGS available.
Click here for more details and booking.

Lern how to meditate in Palolem/Goa

Manu Sarona is a human design projector and an aquarius born in germany.

Palolem is her 2nd home and she feels deeply connected to this place.

She is a certified Meditation Teacher since 2004 and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher (3HO/KRI) since 2006 and trained in many Healing Techniques from Reiki to Reconnective Healing.

She worked for the yoga organisation 3HO in Hamburg in the TTC office. She is well known for creating events like Yogafair Hamburg, Wellspirit Hamburg and was event manager of music festivals like Lovefield Festival and Mushroom Festival.

Manu is teaching meditation classes, workshops and gives private consultation since 2004. In north germany she is a well known meditation teacher who was the first to bring active meditation to fitness centers and gyms. [See Press Reviews]

Why choose Manu?
Once she believed that she can’t meditate herself.

Then she found the right techniques to meditate by accident and it became her passion to help others to find the best meditation for them – that will work easily.

Indian yoga teachers have only limited number of meditation techniques and didn’t face western world problems themselves.

Until 11/2024 only 1:1 ONLINE COACHINGS available.
Click here for more details and booking.

Palolem/Goa from 11/2024

Individual professional one-to-one meditation teaching/coaching as a private Sessions (1:1) for INR 2500 or EUR 25 (payable in cash, PayTM, INR, €, US$) per hour.
  • Find the individual Meditation that perfectly fits you (maybe you don’t even have to sit) and you really enjoy doing
  • Reduce your stress and learn how to deal better with it
  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
  • Help you tap into your real being
  • Increase feelings of wellness, gratitude & compassion
  • Learn how to sit properly in cross-legged position (if necessary)

Benefits of Meditation Coaching

With a private meditation coach, your practice and understanding of the wisdom behind meditation can quickly deepen and you can directly start. You also gain the tools to build or sustain a daily practice perfect for yourself.

Manu Sarona offers 20 years of meditation experience and can teach mindfulness meditation, specific mantra, breathwork or meditation to accomplish a specific goal (such as compassion or gratitude). She’ll help you to find the practice that’s right for you and will make it easy to directly get started.

You’ll notice a difference not just on the cushion but in your life and your relationships.

Also available:

  • Workshops
  • Classes
  • QLB Breathwork

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Disclaimer: No meditation for people with schizophrenia or if you don’t have the inner capacity to handle the rarely upcoming of negative thoughts and emotions. Meditation is no replacement for therapy but can be helpful for a stable person. Please be aware if you have taken so called party drugs there is a possibility of flash-backs. The coaching is taken at own risk with you being fully responsible for your own mental and physical health.

Manu about herself:

My own Meditation Practice started in 1998. Since then Meditation turned my Life upside down and helped me in many Ways. I give my knowledge to help you with my experience on your own path.

My main Focus is on Meditation for our modern, mind-focused Times. Most of us don’t need to go to the forest anymore to bring wood for the bonfire at nights. Nowadays we are not physically that hard working anymore but are thinking too much. So maybe the 2.500 years old techniques need some adjustments to help you to reach the state of meditation.

Most people have a concrete idea about meditation: sitting in a cross-legged position without moving and trying to think nothing. Yes, that’s a good way of meditating, but not the only one (and a little hard for beginners)!

There are hundreds of Meditation-Techniques available and you don’t always have to sit or be silent. I help you to find the Meditation that perfectly fits for you and you can do it with ease.

If you have a specific topic like burn-out, stress, intuition, creativity, chakras, communication, women, self-love to just name a few, I will give you a specific meditation created for that topic.

Also I can teach you how to sit pain-free for a longer time in the cross-legged position/easy pose if you are in a normal health condition.

It`s usually an individual coaching available for 1:1 but also available for couples.

I’m teaching classes and Workshops in Germany and India since 2004.

This investment will give you a deeper connection to yourself. If you are on your holidays, it’s the perfect time to start integration this new habbit into your life.



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